Finding classes and workshops that fit both your schedule and your style can be a huge challenge.

Kansas City Birth & Parenting has teamed up with Oh, Baby! KC to bring a selection of classes that both empower and excite! With a modern approach to customized care, your family will find exactly what you need with expert guidance. 



your birth experience
instructor: mary pope

Your Birth Experience Childbirth Preparation Class is a comprehensive, customizable childbirth education curriculum designed with YOU in mind. The purpose is to help you envision, prepare for and achieve the birth experience YOU want. Through Your Birth Experience Parent Guide ($50 value) and your personal, Certified Instructor Mary Pope, you and your partner will be empowered and equipped for YOUR unique experience.



your baby experience
instructor: mary pope

Join us for this 4 hr comprehensive and unique class all about Newborn Care! This class is perfect for first time parents who are looking for someone to help them navigate and plan for what happens when they bring their baby home from the hospital! 

Some of the things we will cover include:

- Understanding the Fourth Trimester
- Creating a Baby & Postpartum Plan
- What is normal after giving birth
- What to expect with your baby
- Practical newborn care such as swaddling, feeding techniques, sleep and more!
- You will also receive a Parent Guide workbook ($50 value)*

*Note: this is a separate Parent Guide than the one used in the Childbirth Preparation class.

Even though we call this class "Your BABY Experience", there are really two people that need extra special care during the 4th Trimester, and that's the birthing parent and the baby. While our culture focuses much attention on the mother during pregnancy and almost exclusively on the baby after the birth, we want to make sure you get the tools to care for yourself and enlist support from those around you as a new parent while also gaining newborn care skills. Through Your Birth Experience Parent Guide and your personal, Certified Instructor Mary Pope with Oh Baby KC, LLC you and your partner will be empowered and equipped for YOUR unique experience.

Space is limited, so grab your spot before May 1st. 

Class registration: $150

your breastfeeding experience
Instructor: mary pope

Join us for Your Breastfeeding Experience, a 2 hr workshop to learn about the basics of breastfeeding. Most new parents do not learn about the mechanics, techniques and how to handle criticism surrounding breastfeeding before the arrival of their baby. With this workshop, we will talk about:

- Your "Why" for Breastfeeding
- The Anatomy of Breastfeeding
- Benefits of Breastfeeding
- Focusing on Facts
- Suspending Judgment
- This class also includes a Parent Guide

Space is limited and registration closes on May 1st!

Class registration: $75