Kansas city birth & Parenting is setting standards high.

Kansas City Birth & Parenting believes in holding ourselves to a high standard of conduct. As such, all Community members are required to do so as well.

these standards have been made available for the public to read.

Any professional who wishes to be added to the KCBP Community has read and acknowledged the following guidelines.


Kansas City Birth & Parenting is a community committed to the sustainability of our respective professions and owned by Mallory Ann Shannon. By becoming a member of the community you understand, respect, and agree to the following standards.


Our clients are wise.

It is not our job to judge the choices of birthing individuals. Asking questions and exploring options is, obviously, necessary when serving clients. Judgments and out-of-turn recommendations are not. Being truly non-judgmental requires an open heart and an understanding that each individual needs to walk their own journey uninhibited.

Birth and parenting are unique to each individual.

Birth and parenting preferences are not meant to be questioned by birth and parenting professionals. Answering questions is important but raising concerns in regard to choices that do not endanger the lives or well-being of others is not necessary.

Judgment has no place in the birth or parenting space.

All birth is valid, all birth is natural in that it is a human birthing a human. No birth is superior to another, they are all simply different. Feeding the baby is above any preferences for breast or bottle feeding. We acknowledge that there is a time and a place for each of these choices and will honor the choices of our clients.

Our families deserve to thrive just as those of our clients.

We must make money to live. Professionals and their families deserve to thrive just as their clients do. We acknowledge that our pricing and practice does have an impact on our respective professions as a whole and believe it’s important to set and honor pricing that is helpful for the market, practices that are sustainable, and standards of professionalism that are above reproach.

Gendered language is harmful and exclusionary.

When referring to clients, it’s important to acknowledge that gendered language is exclusionary to our LGBTQAI+ community. We will make every effort to use language that is inclusive of all family structures, not just two cis-gender heterosexual people. Examples of different structures: two fathers and their adopted baby, two mothers and their surrogate, a transgender individual and their partner, or a cis-gender, heterosexual couple and their surrogate.

An open mind is key to a positive community.

KCFB acknowledges that open-mindedness is the only way to foster a positive community. Working towards an open and accepting future is at the root of all we do. We believe in asking questions instead of making judgments, we believe in curiosity instead of anger, we believe in accepting that what works for one may not work for all.

Medical professionals are educated and deserve our respect.

Simply put? WE DO NOT QUESTION MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS ON SUBJECTS RELATED TO OUR CLIENTS’ HEALTH AND SAFETY. We acknowledge that as birth and parenting professionals we come to our clients with a wealth of knowledge and experience AND that healthcare providers are educated professionals who have the incredible responsibility of saving and protecting lives. We do not make medical suggestions, we do not make medical judgments, we do not make medical calls because we are not medical professionals.

The birth space is not our space.

We are facilitators of communication, we are capture experiences through photos, we serve our clients in a professional manner and leave all experiences and emotions to the families. Connection is inevitable, but we acknowledge the need to leave all emotional elements of a birth in the space with the family. They are not ours to take with us. We do this partly by ensuring an equal exchange of energies, i.e. money for time.

Essential Oils are potent medicine that must be respected as such.

The prescribing of essential oils should be left to trained aromatherapists. 

Professional interactions should be kind, respectful, and courteous.

As birth and parenting professionals we agree that our goal is a positive outcome for our clients. We believe it's important to honor everyone's point of view even in disagreement. Don't be a dick. (Sorry, I can't really put it any other way.)