Shhhh: Our Top Sleep Products for Your Baby


We're often asked what the essentials are for encouraging baby to sleep. Our list is pretty short and sweet, babies don't need a lot of bells and whistles! With a few simple products and a few techniques (find them here) you can simply and easily help your baby fall fast asleep and stay there.

Newborn Sleep Essential #1: Swaddle Sack (Find it Here)


As we said in our Sleep Tips post, a swaddle is key to helping your baby fall asleep and stay asleep. During the first few months all babies have a startle reflex programmed into their brains. Swaddling baby keeps them snug and secure and helps them stop startling themselves awake.

Newborn Sleep Essential #2: White Noise Machine (Our Favorite is This One)


White noise works a couple different ways. First, it can help to drown out any outside noise (like cars or older siblings). Second, it helps to mimic the noises baby heard while they were in the womb. It helps quiet the mind and lets baby focus on the task at hand: falling asleep. Time and time again we notice when white noise is introduced babies sleep so much better.

Newborn Sleep Essential #3: Blackout Curtains (Example Here)


Our brains are wired to wake with the sunrise and sleep when it gets dark. This starts at birth and continues throughout our lives. Unfortunately, most of the time our babies need more sleep than the sun is willing to provide. No worries! Blackout curtains are essential to blocking out the sunshine and letting baby know it's time to rest.

Newborn Sleep Essential #4: Baby Susher (Find it Here)


Okay, yes, we already recommended a white noise machine. Hear us out. Sometimes baby needs a bit more force with the white noise. While the Dohm Machine we linked above is perfect for once baby is asleep, some babies find it helpful to have a bit louder "shushing" in their ear to fall asleep initially. The Baby Susher replicates a caregiver soothing baby with "shhhh". The volume is adjustable and the duration of the "shh" also has 3 time lengths available. It shuts off automatically and is easily turned back on with a twist of the dial at the top. Well worth the investment, this product is a great extra to toss on your baby shower list.

Newborn Sleep Essential #5: Video Monitor (Our Favorite is this Simple Model)


Monitors have long been an essential on every baby shower list. For parents interested in sleep, a video monitor is essential. Babies make a lot of noise! Sometimes a grunt or a cry out doesn't need to be attended to right away and letting baby settle on their own can lead to better sleep later on. An easy way to tell is by looking at the monitor of your video monitor. Watching baby helps you learn their cues and gurgles as well as which ones need to be attended to and which ones you can let them work out themselves.

Bonus Baby Sleep Product: The Owlet Monitor (Find it Here)


While not an essential, many parents find peace of mind with a monitor like the Owlet. A simple system, the monitor reads on baby's foot and provides information like heart rate, wakeful periods, and oxygen levels through an app on your phone. Parents who have baby sleep in their own room from the beginning in particular find this tracker useful for helping them know baby is safe and secure.

Products and sleep tips aside, it's normal for your newborn to wake every 1-3 hours to eat during the night for a few weeks. You'll find as they grow the wakeful periods space out and they'll take in more food at each feed. Needing more sleep immediately? We do that.