Childbirth (but with GIFs)

Labor and birth can be an...interesting time in a pregnant person's life. From Braxton-Hicks contractions that start and stop to the ring of fire and pushing a baby out of your vagina, it can seem a little overwhelming! 

Never fear, we've put together some educational GIFs to help you understand just what you're walking into.

When the Braxton-Hicks keep starting and stopping and you're trying to figure out if you're in labor or not.


When early labor starts and you're expecting it to stop but it doesn't.

When Active Labor hits and you need to head to the hospital:

When you're in Transition and all of the sudden everything changes.

When you're about to push this baby out

When you did it and your baby is finally here!

Sending love and peaceful vibes to all of the expecting parents out there! No matter what course your birth takes, we're sure your experience will be something unique and to remember.