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Kansas City Birth & Parenting was born when owner, Mallory, realized there was a huge need for connection in our city. With years of experience caring for families as a nanny, postpartum doula, and birth doula, she went looking for resources for her clients. When she found none, she knew something must be done.

At KCB&P we bring together support that looks and feels different for each family. We create space for you to live and thrive in a way that is right for you. We don't believe bringing our philosophies is helpful to you and believe our job is to help you find your rhythm and match you with services that fit your family. 


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overnight care

When searching for a night nanny, night nurse, or postpartum doula to care for your little one overnight, it's overwhelming to find exactly who you need. We believe well rested families are the happiest families (and there are studies to prove it!). Our overnight experts work with both breastfeeding and bottle feeding families to ensure your newest member and you get the most sleep possible.


maternity consulting

Walk through pregnancy and birth with confidence and ease. Booking a session with our Maternity Navigators will leave you and your family feeling prepared and ready for any situation pregnancy and birth may throw your way.


your birth experience

Bringing a unique, personalized approach to Chidlbirth Education, our Certified Childbirth Educator, Mary Pope, guides you through the nitty gritty of pregnancy and childbirth. Leave no stone unturned and equip yourself with knowledge.

mallory and her team came and helped me create a restful time once our babies arrived. we had such a great experience because of them!
— K, Former Client